Operator Qualification Training Schedule

Date Course Location
18 October 2016 Gas Operation Safety Eldorado TX
18 October 2016 Meter Reading Eldorado TX
19 October 2016 Customer Service Pt. 1 Eldorado TX
19 October 2016 Cathodic Protection Eldorado TX
20 October 2016 Customer Service Pt. 2 Eldorado TX
21 October 2016 Polyfusion Certification Eldorado TX
24 October 2016 Valve Inspection Corpus Christi TX
24 October 2016 Emergency Response Corpus Christi TX
27 October 2016 Polyfusion Certification Rio Grande City TX

For more information on how to register & Times for OQ training,  or if you would like a quote for OQ training for your company, call the office at 361-854-6922. We will be more than happy to help!

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    1. Where are you located? And how many people will be attending the course? We do require a minimum of 6 attendees in order for us to travel.

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